Lets Play Pet Hospitals 1.0

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Lets Play Pet Hospitals 1.0

Lets Play Pet Hospitals 1.0 | 80,6 MB

His game puts you in the shoes of a busy veterinarian looking after and caring for a range of pets. From guinea pigs to horses there's a challenge here for even the most experienced vet. Treat the wounded dog, feed the hungry cat, or help the rabbit with a broken leg? Have a big smile on your face to greet the customers. Help them to find their lost animal, or match up an abandoned pet to a loving new owner.


* Take care and treat up to six different animals - dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, horses and guinea pigs.
* Feed and wash the animals back to full health ready to go to their new homes.
* Serve the customers in the lobby and find the right owners for the animals.
* Decorate the rooms with new furniture to liven the place up.
* Pick from a range of pets toys and have fun with the pets.
* Increase the hospitals rankings by treating more pets.