Lode Runner and Boulder Dash - Keygens only

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Lode Runner & Boulder Dash Keygens | [RS] | Win32 | Eng | 72 Ko

Lode Runner 1.5
Do you remember that classic game by Broderbund? The idea is simple: you control the hero who avoids the guards and collects all the treasure to move on to the next level. The hero cannot kill guards, but can dig holes in the brick floors to temporarily trap the guards. It is as simple as fascinating. Ready to take up the challenge? It is the time for Lode Runner by ZX Games!

Lode Runner and Boulder Dash - Keygens only

Boulder Dash 1.5
We are proud to present a perfected remake of the classic "Boulder Dash" game originally published by First Star Software. A brave prospector digs through caves collecting diamonds, while avoiding falling rocks and dangerous creatures of various types. Whether you have played the original game or not, you will definitely enjoy Boulder Dash by ZX Games.

Lode Runner and Boulder Dash - Keygens only

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