MeggieSoft Cribbage

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MeggieSoft Cribbage

MeggieSoft Cribbage
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Sir John Suckling, a British poet and knight, invented the card game of Cribbage about 1635, reportedly as an evolution from the earlier game of "Noddy". Cribbage has survived, with no major changes, as one of the most popular games in the English-speaking world.

The more modern Six Card Cribbage has now almost entirely replaced the original Five Card Cribbage game. However the five card version does still survive in parts of Great Britain, where Cribbage is one of the few games legally permitted to be played in a public house for small stakes. Seven Card Cribbage is reportedly less common.

Cribbage by MeggieSoft Games is the traditional game for two players, and supports the original Five Card game in addition to the later Six and Seven Card derivations, plus common rule variations. The older game of Noddy is also fully supported.

Cribbage is a game of cunning in which the two players must balance a number of different objectives and remain alert in recognizing scoring combinations. It is a game where experience counts - together with luck.