Princess Lillifee : My Dearest Friends (2009)[NDS]

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Princess Lillifee : My Dearest Friends (2009)[NDS]

Princess Lillifee : My Dearest Friends (2009)[NDS]
EUR version | English, German | 48MB
Genre : Quest | Mini Games

You are cordially invited to Princess Lillifee's castle! Would you like to dance in ballet? Then visit Lillifee in her ballet school and study with her friends the most beautiful of dance routines. Then you can decorate the stage affectionately and everybody will be able see the amazing show. Or learn from Charm Master Flavio and his assistant which charms are best to use to enhance your skills. Also, Crissy the Dolphin is pleased that you're visiting, because Lillifee plans a large dolphin show. Many new ways to play are waiting for you to be found!

Lillifree girly crap for your NDS @ Rapidshare

the password is 'princess' (you know the drill)
feel free to mirror this girly rubbish wherever you want.