snes roms + emulator (yossi)

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snes roms + emulator (yossi)

the all package weighing 656MB | 7 rar files 6x95MB+83MB | 784 games

snes roms + emulator (yossi)

you are at work or in school and you want to play some quality games without the instalation process, so this is the solution.

you can call it a mobile games because you can put them on a USB card

snes roms + emulator (yossi)

i give you today 784 SNES games + the emulator

just unpack the rar files to the hard drive and play the games

press the file zsnesw.exe to run the emulator
in the menu press "game" "load" and navigate to the Roms folder

you dont need to extract the ZIP files

you can adjust the screen resolution in the "config" "video"

the default keys are
snes roms + emulator (yossi)

you can change them in the "config" "input1"

snes roms + emulator (yossi)

if you want to burn the all package to a disk first adjust the screen size and resolution

snes roms + emulator (yossi)

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