The Sacred Rings (2007)

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The Sacred Rings (2007)

The Sacred Rings © The Adventure Company, Streko-Graphics
Adventure | 1 Player | PC | ISO | Mar 7, 2007 | 3.1 GB

Extremely difficult puzzles and a vague plot sink this ambitious Myst clone. More of a rehashing of Aura: Fate of the Ages than a sequel, The Sacred Rings is yet another Myst knockoff aimed solely at adventure gamers with a high tolerance for frustration. This Streko-Graphics game is deeply difficult and overflowing with excruciatingly obtuse puzzles based on the same sort of surreal contraptions that were introduced by Atreus back in 1995. However, like its predecessor, and unlike much of the Myst series, The Sacred Rings lacks a well-developed plot and interesting characters, which makes it tough to summon up much enthusiasm for trudging through this airless collection of brainteasers…



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