3D Ultra Thrill Ride: Pinball

Posted By: biory

The ultimate pinball twist to a theme park adventure

3D Ultra Thrill Ride is a fun-filled pinball arcade romp through a fanciful amusement park that the whole family can enjoy! Thrill ride offers the fun of a complete amusement park experience. The rides are all fun, easy and colorful - step aboard, and strap yourself in!
The ultimate pinball twist to a theme park adventure, With 15 action-packed rides on a table with wild roller coasters and other thrill rides crowding the table!

An ISO IMAGE is a standard file format for creating CD’s. An ISO IMAGE contains all of the
files in the correct places for a program to run successfully from the CD.
To burn an ISO IMAGE on a CD, follow these steps:
A) Start your favorite program to create a CD. The most well known are Easy CD Creator
from ROXIO, NERO CD Burner, Toaster, XCD Roast, and K3B.
B) Insert an empty CD in your CD-RW device.
C) In your CD program, choose the command “Burn from CD Image”. The command is
usually in the “File” or “Tools” Menu.
D) Choose the file that contains the ISO IMAGE to burn on the CD. The ISO IMAGE is
the file that you downloaded from the internet with the file format “*.iso”. Select this file
and press the “ok” or “open” button (this depends on which CD creation program you
are using).
E) Press the “start” or “burn” button. You do not need to specify special features for the
CD creation such as “track at once” or “close the CD” because the default features will
work successfully.
F) Congratulations! The CD creation program gives you a confirmation after the ISO
IMAGE is burned. You can now run the software program from the new CD.



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