Track Builder 3 1f

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Track Builder 3.1f

Track Builder 3 is a utility program which allows Train Dispatcher 3 users to design their own territories to simulate with Train Dispatcher 3. Extensive computer experience or computer programming knowledge is not required. Almost all the territories in our "For Sale" and "Customer Contributed" libraries were developed by Track Builder 2 and 3 customers.

Track Builder 3 also allows the user to modify any of the Train Dispatcher 2 and/or Train Dispatcher 3 territories in our libraries. You will need to purchase a territory password to run simulations on any "For Sale" territories you modify.

You cannot, with Track Builder 3 create territories to use with Train Dispatcher 2. Only Track Builder 2 customers can create Train Dispatcher 2 territories.

If you are upgrading from Track Builder 2, please note that Track Builder 3 will not replace Track Builder 2. It runs as a separate program.

You can now download a demo version of Track Builder and the Train Builder 3 manual (see below).

Go to the Dispatch Central Message Board to hear what Train Dispatcher customers are saying (see below).

A review of Track Builder 3 will is in the June, 2001 issue of RailFan & Railroad Magazine

The program requires a computer with a Pentium processor or equivalent with 24 MB of RAM, 10MB of available disk space, a CD-ROM and a VGA or higher graphics adapter. A sound card is not required.

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