Train Dispatcher v3.1h

Posted By: ut_longhorn

Strategies themselves bring us great pleasure, because we can easily see our plans and thoughts coming true. Can you imagine a strategy simulator? You will be able to do it, after having the game called Train Dispatcher installed on your PC.
Have you ever been in a situation, when you have to make decisions, advise something to somebody, to take risks and not to make mistakes – all that at the same time? Now you have a chance to try yourself, thanks to God, in a virtual game. You are supposed to act as a railroad dispatcher: at least three railroads under your control, about six trains to go at the same time, at least twenty of options for you to choose to avoid traffic and to free the railroad line as soon as you can. And no mistakes: train accidents won’t happen, such situations aren’t possible in the game, but it’s not so good to loose by creating traffic, is it? Railroad lines were copied from real ones, and the situation you are in is quite vital. I can’t say that it’s very simple, but it’s very interesting, and that’s a fact. It requires Windows 98 or higher, and was created for the real thinkers