Train Dispatcher 3.5f

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Train Dispatchers are the air traffic controllers of the railroads. They control the movement of trains over large track territories. This game simulates the gargantuan routing tasks a real-life dispatcher faces daily. The problem is that trains must share a limited number of tracks. In some cases a single track must be shared by trains going in opposite directions. It is the job of the dispatcher to control the movement of trains over this limited resource, which can create one bottleneck after another.

There are seven territories that are automatically installed with Train Dispatcher 3. They are:

-Northeast Corridor from Washington, DC to Philadelphia, PA
-Northeast Corridor from New Haven, CT to Boston, MA
-Southern Pacific from Eugene, OR to Crescent Lake, OR
-Southern Pacific from Eugene, OR to Portland, OR
-New South Wales (Australia) North Coast
-BC Rail from Lillooet-Squamish to Williams Lake, BC
-Lackawanna Scranton M&E from Scranton, PA to Dover, NJ

The first five territories in the list above are Train Dispatcher 2 territories. The last two territories were designed with Track Builder 3.

With Train Dispatcher 3 you can experience the thrills and frustrations of dispatching trains on track territories all over the world. In addition to the seven territories of varying difficulty that come with Train Dispatcher 3, there are over 500 supplementary territories (250 are free) currently available, each having its own unique set of problems. With new territories being added periodically, the challenges are never ending.

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