Transport Tycoon + World Editor Iso

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It's 1950, you've been loaned $200,000 and you've got 100 years to prove yourself a Transport Tycoon. The game presents you with a choice of four vast game worlds (each of which will randomly generate a limitless number of gameplay scenario's) made up of numerous small towns and raw material resources. If you'd prefer, you can even create your own game scenarios using the world editor.

As a budding tycoon you've been loaned a large amount of money and you've got to prove yourself; to set the wheels in motion to become the wealthiest tycoon in the world. Matched against a batch of ruthless rivals, you'll have to act quickly; to build the key routes that will rake in the cash. Build stations, airports, docks and a linking road, rail, air and ship network that will move passengers, mail or goods to the most lucrative destination. As the years roll by you'll have the chance to buy more advanced and faster vehicles and vessels; if you can afford them!

You'll build stations, docks, airports and make money by connecting areas requiring transport services. You'll construct complex road - rail -air - sea networks and experience cut-throat rivalry as you try to grab your piece of the action. You'll deal with characteristic town councils that express individual and varying attitudes, and cope with disasters such as mine collapses, bus, lorry and aircraft malfunctions. You can even takeover other companies and fund industries which will bring increased profits for your transportation network. This is your chance to set the wheels in motion, to become the best, to be the Tycoon.

Four different worlds, or climates, are available to play in Transport Tycoon Deluxe. They are Temperate, Sub-Arctic, Sub-Tropical and Toyland. Each of these climates has its own properties.

In each climate, or world, you will find different industries which suit that particular zone. Tactics which produce profit in one world might not have the same result in another.

History of Transport Tycoon
The first version of TT was release in Oct. 1994. It had a few problems with it and wasn't 100% compatible with Sound and Video cards of the day. The release was on floppy disks it only took up 4 MB of drive space.

In Feb. 1995 there came an update with bug fixes.
An important release was in March 1995. This was a version with a "World Editor"

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