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Treasure Island (by NevoSoft)

Posted By: rtu4ZHIt
Treasure Island (by NevoSoft)

Treasure Island (by NevoSoft)

Puzzle Game | English and Russian Languages | Русский язык | 9.48 MB

Очень занимательная оффисная игруха! Новый превосходный паззл от NevoSoft. По стилю больше похож на Big Kahuna Reef, но как всегда, много своих интересностей, геймплей действительно затягивает. Анимированные фоны, весёлая музыка, отличная графика и анимация!

Ahoy, mateys! Each level in this pirate-themed game begins with a checked game board filled with different treasure items, such as rings, crowns, diamonds, and pieces of gold. Match three or more items into a line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Once you have a line, all matched treasures fly into the chest and your score goes up. The trick of the game is brown squares. Make your matches in such a way so as to clear all of them from the board.