Word Travels - Bigfish Games

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Word Travels - Bigfish Games

Word Travels - Bigfish Games

4 Amazing game modes:
Shuffle, Tri-peaks, Golf, and Solitaire
Travel around the world
Use the bonus Souvenir Bucks to unlock super cool souvenirs

Word Travels sets you off on a safari around the world as you spell your way from one exciting destination to the next. The 4 unique game modes will have you creating words you never thought existed. Each word also comes with a definition so you're never left wondering what words like Qua or Xeric mean. You'll also collect photos and read journal entries from all the countries and landmarks you visit. Be sure to cash in your souvenir bucks at the souvenir shop for some wild gifts!

System Requirements:
Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP
Pentium III 700 MHz
128 MB of RAM
DirectX 7.0 or later

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