X-Com Enforcer

Posted By: Zalvador

X-Com Enforcer
PC | Casual Setup | 211 MB

It's America, it's early in the 21st century, and you are
a member of X-Com, earth's top-secret multinational alien
defense force. Your mission is to repel an alien invasion.
In the third-person, fast-paced shooter X-Com Enforcer,
alien forces have invaded earth and are terrorizing the
population. To combat this sinister threat, a lone X-Com
scientist has created the Enforcer, a high-tech fighting
machine made of earthly robotics and scavenged alien technology.

Armed with the latest high-powered weapons, the Enforcer
is teleported to hot spots to fight adrenaline-charged
battles that rage on city streets, across rooftops, and
in the sewers. You are the Enforcer. Powered by the same
game engine as Unreal Tournament and offering some stunning
visual effects, X-Com Enforcer puts you on the front line
of an alien attack.

Pentium 233 MHz or faster processor
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or Me
500 MB hard disk space
8x CD-ROM drive
4 MB SVGA video card

PASSWORD: avaxhome.ws
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