Movie Maker Director Bundle

Posted By: Alexpal
Movie Maker Director Bundle

Movie Maker Director Bundle
3D model | Daz/Poser | 1.51 Gb

With the Director Bundle, you get 7 Movie Maker background packs. A total of 202 high rez 360 degree panoramic backgrounds will certainly get you ready for lights, camera and… ACTION!


7 Background Packs
Movie Maker Egyptian Temple Day Background Pack, with 24 nodes
Movie Maker Marrakesh Day Background Pack, with 32 nodes
Movie Maker Marrakesh Sunset Background Pack, with 31 nodes
Movie Maker Marrakesh Night Background Pack, with 24 nodes
Movie Maker Mystical Planet Day Background Pack, with 28 nodes
Movie Maker Under Siege Day Background Pack, with 29 nodes
Movie Maker The Atrium Day Background Pack, with 34 nodes
A total of 202 backgrounds (camera nodes)
3 resolutions per node
High rez 6000 x 3000
Medium rez 4000 x 2000
DOF variant 4000 x 2000
This package needs 1.4 Gb HD space