Anatomy Theatre

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Anatomy Theatre

Anatomy Theatre | 9 Mb

The anatomy theatres were the foundation of medicine and the source of material for the renaissance artists. These were built since the early 1600s as places of scientific study of the human body in institutions of higher learning. No unpleasant smell of embalming fluids here though, as the bodies would have been those of freshly executed criminals, or those leaving their earthly bodies to science.

This room is based on a 17th century design by the renaissance architect Inigo Jones. It's many high windows and a bright domed ceiling are to catch every shred of daylight back in the days before electric lights. The steep banking tiers allow as many people as possible to get a close view. A cold marble table holds the shroud covering the subject, and instruments of anatomical research such as a knife, towel, and bowl are included.

Skeletons were often displayed as a part of the learning experience, and Anatomy Theatre comes with a stand for displaying the DAZ V3 & M3 skeleton set (not included). A stand holds the DAZ Fantasy Book (not included), with a MAT pose turning it into a textbook of anatomical research. Many theatres displayed Latin sayings such as the one above, and this saying is etched into the viewing stand for a powerful reminder of mortality.

A powerfully dramatic set for science and mystery settings, the theatre comes with two stunning light sets for Poser 6. One striking daytime light set casts long shadows from the windows above, and another moody nighttime light set with softly glowing ring of candles in the dark. The versatile theatre can also double as a courtroom, or as a museum atrium for the display of statues.


* 15 Props (PP2 and OBJ)
o Anatomy Theatre room
o Benches and stands
o Marble topped anatomy table
o Bookstand
o Dissection Knife
o Hand bowl with water
o Bone handled lecture wand
o Skeleton stand
o 2 Shrouds
o Side table with opening drawer
o Cloth for the side table
o High backed throne chair
o Wall candles in groups of four
o A single wall candle
* 4 Poses
o MAT pose for the DAZ|Studio Fantasy Book
o Position pose for the DAZ|Studio Fantasy Book
o Poses for the M3 and V3 DAZ|Studio Skeletons
* 2 Light Sets
o Poser 6 daylight preset
o Poser 6 candlelight preset

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