Andy Hair

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Andy Hair

Andy Hair | 44 Mb

Look stylish even when you just throw your hair into a lazy ponytail! Andy Hair is the perfect relaxed, casual hairstyle for your 3D girls. It comes with fittings for Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko 4, Aiko 3 and Young Teen Laura. You get two different varieties of shades, ten each, giving you 20 total choices. Andy Hair also brings you ten Pre-Styles made from the 33 morphs built into the hair.


* 4 Conforming Hair Figures (.CR2 & .OBJ)
o Aiko 3.0
+ Aiko Realistic
o Laura
o Victoria 3.0
o Victoria 4.2
+ Aiko 4
+ Aiko Realistic
+ Aiko Classic
* 33 Morphs and Adjustments
o Adj_Head_Neck
o Adj_Head_Up+Down
o Adj_Head_wide
o Front_bend
o Front_forward
o Front_inside
o Front_inside_twist
o Front_longer
o Front_longer1
o Side_longer
o Side_shorter
o Side_twist
o Tail_Back
o Tail_Fly_Back
o Tail_Fly_Back+Side
o Tail_hangForward
o Tail_hangForward1
o Tail_hangForward1_l
o Tail_hangForward1_r
o Tail_Shape_bend
o Tail_Shape_Bend2
o Tail_Shape_middle1
o Tail_Shape_middle2
o Tail_Shape_short
o Tail_Shape_tips
o Tail_Shape_twist
o Tail_Shape_wide
o Tail_Side_L
o Tail_Side_R
o Tail_to_Back
o Tail_to_L
o Tail_to_R
o Upper_Fantasy
* 20 Color Options
o Wine
o Light Brown
o Dark Brown
o Brown
o Platinum Blonde
o Light Blonde
o Dark Blonde
o Blonde
o Black
o Auburn
* 10 Preset Styles
* Textures
o 20 Hair Cap Texture/Transparency Maps (2024x2024)
o 22 Hair Strand Texture/Transparency Maps (2024x2024)
* P5+ MAT Poses (.PZ2)
* DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS)

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