Beyond the Sea

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Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea | 13 Mb

A fantastic beach scene for all your digital figures that just want to get away from it all.
The set comprises of a beach island with three sea planes plus displacement settings, along with some morphable plants. There is a nice, comfortable Deck Chair (two morphs) with small towel, a beach towel and pillow, a shady Umbrella, a table with book, sun lotion bottle and martini glass, and a beach ball. There are four color options for the Umbrella, two more for the Deck Chair.
Also included are five great looking light sets to create that all important sunny atmosphere.
Finally there are 5 poses for Victoria 4 to help get things started, these can be adapted for other figures.


* 7 Props (PP2 and OBJ)
o Full Beach Scene
o Beach plus Sea
o Beach Ball
o Beach Towel
o Deck Chair
o Table
o Umbrella
* Six Poser, Six Material Files (.MC6)
* Five Poser Light Sets (.LT2)
* Five Victoria, Four Poses (.PZ2)
* 25 JPG textures (up to 2048x2048)

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