C500 Convertible

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C500 Convertible

C500 Convertible | 15 Mb

Why walk when you can ride in style? In your brand new C500-SE Convertible! This high detail object features poseable doors, seats, top, trunk, windows, steering and wheels so the possibilities are endless. It comes with Lightwave3D compatible objects and setup file, as well as Poser ready .CR2 (figure) files.


* C500-Convertible (.CR2 and .OBJ)
o Poseable:
+ Doors
+ Wheels
+ Windows
+ Top
* Textures:
o LWcrome-B (332 x 351)
o LWC500-Lights-Col (2000 x 2000)
o LWC500-MirInt-Col (600 x 600)
o LWC500-Wheels (2000 x 1500)
o LWC500se-BodyColor (1800 x 2000)
o LWC500se-Dash (2000 x 1800)
* Lightwave Version Included

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C500 Convertible
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