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CreativeMarket - Entire Shop 1372757

CreativeMarket - Entire Shop 1372757
Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides | 1 GB

All presentation templates included in this wonderful package are fully editable in Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides.


Ghost Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Quintus Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote

Neue Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Hybrid Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Sphere Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote

Volt Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Phlox Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote

Spark Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Elevation Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

ONE. Minimal Powerpoint + Keynote + Google Slides

Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template →

Business Plan Powerpoint Template

Awesome Powerpoint Template

Target Market Powerpoint Template

Next Powerpoint Template →

Barcena Powerpoint Template

Landmark Powerpoint Template

Branding Powerpoint Template

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Corporate Powerpoint Template

Professional Powerpoint Template

Business Powerpoint Template

Boost Powerpoint Template →

Metropolis Powerpoint Template →

Network Powerpoint Template →

Epicenter Powerpoint Template →

Growing Company Powerpoint Template →

Simple Powerpoint Template →

Elite Powerpoint Template →

Impreza Powerpoint Template →

Marketing Plan Keynote Template →

Next Keynote Template →

Boost Keynote Template →

Metropolis Keynote Template →

Network Keynote Template →

Epicenter Keynote Template →

Growing Company Keynote Template →

Simple Keynote Template →

Elite Keynote Template →

Impreza Keynote Template →

Awesome Google Slides Template →

Business Plan Google Slides Template →

Pitch Deck Google Slides Template →

Branding Google Slides Template →

Target Market Google Slides Template →

Barcena Google Slides Template →

Professional Google Slides Template →

Business Google Slides Template →

Landmark Google Slides Template →

Corporate Google Slides Template →

Professional templates for Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides.

30 Powerpoint Templates
30 Keynote Templates
13 Google Slides Templates
16:9 & 4:3 Ratio Display (HD Quality for Presentation)
PPTX and PPT Files
KEY 06 and KEY 09 files
2500 Free Vector Icons
Tons of functional
Modern Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides designs
Powerful layouts, proven to work in the real world.
Modern Slides so it looks good on screen or projected.
All Graphic Resizable and Editable
Fully Editable (All Icons, Elements & Info-graphics as Vectors)
Pictures Placeholder Ready
Presentations are not animated
Help File including Links of Fonts
Free Fonts used

Please Note: Stock Photos are not included