Dark Dynasties: The Wandering Monk

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Dark Dynasties: The Wandering Monk

Dark Dynasties: The Wandering Monk | 9 Mb

Among the worst crimes of the so-called Dark Dynasty was the destruction of the Shen Long Temple, and the burning of the ancient libraries there. But even such a crime yielded some good, as the now homeless Shen Long monks began to wander the countryside, bringing enlightenment and hope to the people they still sought to protect…


* 3 conforming figures:
o Jacket
o Trousers
o Boots
* 3 Full Body Morphs
o Muscular
o Skinny
o Young
* Two smart props:
o Straw Hat
o Monk's Spade
* 4 Martial Arts Poses
o Stance 1
o Stance 2
o Stance 3
o Stance 4
* All figures and props include diffuse, bump, and displacement maps

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