Digital Tutors: MentalRay Tips And Tricks

Posted By: Alexpal
Digital Tutors: MentalRay Tips And Tricks

Digital Tutors: MentalRay Tips And Tricks
Run Time: 2 hrs. 15 min., 1 disc | 330 Mb (RS and DF links)

Learn an array of creative tips and tricks to rendering and time-saving mental ray techniques that can be used for Product Design, Film, Games, and Commercials. Contains 2 hours of project-based training - Perfect for intermediate artists maximizing time and creativity.

Popular highlights include:
* Storing / Reusing Global Illumination Photon Maps
* Storing / Reusing Final Gather Maps
* BSP Diagnostics
* mental ray Render Diagnostics
* Render Layers
* Layer Overrides
* Custom MEL Scripts for Attribute Adjustment
* Converting to .MAP format
* Controlling Final Gather Light Intensity
* Compositing Render Layers in External Applications
* Depth Passes for Depth-of-Field Effects
* Motion Vector Passes
* Optimizing mental ray Memory Usage