Digital Tutors: Ultimate Fluids

Posted By: Alexpal
Digital Tutors: Ultimate Fluids

Digital Tutors: Ultimate Fluids
Software: Maya 6 Unlimited or higher | Run Time: 3 hrs. 47 min., 1 disc | 483 Mb

Learn how to create advanced fluid effects in Maya resulting in extraordinary realism with 3.5 hours of interactive training. Great for intermediate and advanced users.

Popular highlights include:
* Realistic Fire and Smoke Effects
* Navier-Stokes Fluid Solvers
* Spring Mesh Fluid Solvers
* Interacting Fluids with Particles
* Fluid Container Properties
* Expression-controlled Fluids
* Advanced Heat Dynamics
* Combustible Fluids
* Soft Surface Simulations
* Realistic Liquid Simulations
* Converting Fluids to Polygons