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Kapooki | 7 Mb

Often mistaken for modern mythological creatures such as the Yeti and Bigfoot, this elusive and shy (though at times vicious) creature has braved coming out into the open and is ready to inhabit your Runtime!
Kapooki BASE includes the fully loaded core figure (textures, morphs, phenomes, poses) and was created with flexibility and versatility in mind.

A huge BUNDLE PACKAGE is also available to get everything at once at a lower cost!


• Fully Posable Toon Monkey Figure
- High Quality, 34,396 Polygons
- Approximately 2'7 Tall
- Optimized Mesh.

• Completely jointed with Arm & Leg IK and Joint Limits. Includes posable Mouth, Ears, Tail and Tongue. Kapooki has an EasyPosed Tail and Prehensile Feet!

• Features a full set of upper and lower teeth for more expressiveness.

• Poser 6 Walk-Designer Ready

• Mimic Compatible (according to DAZ Mimic FAQ)

• Hands and Feet Include Grasp and Spread Dials.

• Tail is EasyPose! Tail includes over 20 Segments that can be all posed easily from the figure's Body.

• Eyes Include Look Dials (Eyes-Side, Eyes-UpDown, Eyes-Spread), located in the head.

• Scaling Dials are present to Uniformly Resize Various Areas: Easily Scale the head, eyes, hands, feet, arms and legs (lengths) to create your own custom Monkey!

• Unisex Figure - Kapooki can be either male or female via Femme morphs. Includes separate Femme Bodyshape and Femme Chest full body morphs.

• Plenty of Morphs and ERC dials :

In the Head:

- Head (1): HeadSize
- Ears (9): Bend Ears, Bend R Ear, Bend L Ear, Side Ears, Side R Ear, Side L Ear, Twist Ears, Twist R Ear, Twist L Ear.
- Brows (15): BrowsAngry, BrowsAngry-R, BrowsAngry-L, BrowsArch, BrowsArch-R, BrowsArch-L, BrowsDown, BrowsDown-R, BrowsDown-L, BrowsUp, BrowsUp-R, BrowsUp-L, BrowsWorry, BrowsWorry-R, BrowsWorry-L.
- Eyes (12): Blink Both, Blink Right, Blink Left, Eyes-Size, Eye-Size-R, Eye-Size-L, Eyes-Side, Eyes-Spread, Eyes-UpDown, Pupils-Cat, Pupils-Size, Pupils-Width.
- Mouth (2): OpenLips, ShowTeeth.
- Expressions (20): Smile1, Smile1-R, Smile1-L, OpenSmile, ToothySmile, Frown, Frown-R, Frown-L, OpenFrown, ToothyFrown, Snarl, Snarl-R, Snarl-L, OpenSnarl, ToothSnarl, Mouth O, Mouth F, Mouth M, Tongue T, Tongue L.
- Tongue (18): TongueCurlUp, TongueCurlDown, TongueOut.

In the Body:

- Bodies (1): Femme.
- Breast (1): Femme Breast.
- Shaping (3): Arms Length, Legs Length, BellyTubby.
- Tail Dials (19): Twist, Side, Bend, SSide, SBend, SpiralSide, SpiralBend, Wave1SS, Wave2SS, Wave1Bend, Wave2Bend, Size, Wide, Tall, Long, Side-Alt1, Side-Alt2, Bend-Alt1, Bend-Alt2.

• Hand Dials (3): (located in Hands) Size, Grasp, Spread

• Foot Dials (1): (located in Feet) Size, Grasp, Spread

• Full P5 and P6 compliant Dial Groups in the Head and Body.

• Includes an Injection Loader figure that loads Kapooki-BASE with 120 injection slots for future morph expansions!

• Realistic Base Texture and Bump Maps. Separate Head (1800x1800), Body (3000x3000), Eye (512x512) maps.

• Included texture is greyscale and called Paint Your Own which allows you to color the Monkey easily using your application's color picker. 3 Sample PYO colorings are included: Earthy, KaBluey and LilDevil. Kapooki loads with the Earthy coloration.

• The standard Eye Texture is also greyscale and can easily be colored with the Iris material. 3 Colorings have been included (blue, brown and green). Also includes button solid eye colors in black, blue and red.

• Textures Easily Applied via MATs for ProPack and P5/P6. Includes DAZ Studio Material File zipped separately with it's own content structure.

• Kapooki can share Secret Danger Cat , RottenTail and Bacon Eye Textures and use any Millennium figure eye maps (1:1 ratio), manually.

• Kapooki can use Secret Danger Cat & RottenTail Props and Clothing with some adjustments. Props may have to be scaled slightly. Clothing that has sizing morphs should work with little difficulty.

• Five (5) Poses plus Reset Pose: AllRight!, CasualStand, CrazyMonkey, Heehee, Nyaaa!.

• Various additional MATs have been included to help you work with the figure, such as turning on or off IK, zero posed and so forth.

• Flat UV Mapping for easy texturing and low distortion with plenty of material zones throughout.

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