Lycra Hair

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Lycra Hair

Lycra Hair | 35 Mb

Give your renders a makeover with this fun new hairstyle!


* 10 Hair Colors:
o 4 Shades of Blonde
o 3 Shades of Auburn/Red
o 3 Shades of Brown/Black
* Morphs:
o AddX-
o AddX1
o AddX2
o AddX3
o BackLonger
o BackOut
o BackUp
o BangsR1
o BangsR2
o BangsR3
o Bou
o CheeksOut_r
o DecentWind
o FrontRToLeft
o GravityFront
o GravityL-L
o GravityL-R
o GravityR-R
o GR-L
o HairWide1
o HairWide2
o HelperCapFront
o HelperCapSides
o LEarOut1
o LEarOut2
o LLonger
o LShoulderUp
o LToBack222
o LToFront
o RaiseTop
o RShoulderUp
o RToBack
o RToBack2
o RToFront
o Shorter
o TopWide
o Victoria 3 Fit
o WindyL1
o WindyL2
o WindyR1
o WindyR2
o WindyR3

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