Real Gownz - Lunar Goddess

Posted By: Alexpal
Real Gownz - Lunar Goddess

Real Gownz - Lunar Goddess | 5 Mb

The second in my Real Gownz series, this silvery grey and pink dress expresses the energy of the lunar goddess. Featuring layers of pink and silver fabric, Lunar Goddess has gorgeous, corset-style lacing down the front and detailed decoration around the neckline.
It is unique, lovely and versatile. And, as you can see in the pictures, team the short one with high heels and it's sassy, with sneakers or boots and it's cool and with a pair of wings to frock up your favourite faerie. The long version can be elegant or bohemiam, real or fantasy. So for only $5.95 you get all this - not for one figure but for FIVE of them. If you don't have an MFD for each of your girls already, it's worth getting just for these gowns because there are others coming.

As with my other Real Gownz, this is made from a real dress than is itself made from recycled materials. For years I made these gowns from Thrift Shop items as a creative outlet, then sold them at markets. They have been displayed as Wearable Art in my local library. There is a photo of the actual dress and coat below.

Now I am recycling them yet again by painstakingly transferring high resolution photographs of the dresses onto the MFD texture template, then adding some bump for even more realism.

For the Lunar Goddess I have even created a sassy new short version, and I have added a set of textures to fit all Daz Wizard Robes so your Vicky 3 or 4 can have a lovely filmy coat to wear over her dress.

Please note that, as this is made from a recycled item, fabric variatons and imperfections have been deliberately transferred from the original to the texture template.

This texture fits all standard DAZ MFDs - Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko, Laura and The Girl.

• 3 Hi res 3000 x 3000 texture maps
• 3000 x 3000 Bump map
. 3 3000 x 3000 transparency maps
• Mat pose files for easy application