SilverKey 3d Fawn

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SilverKey 3d Fawn

SilverKey 3d Fawn | 2 Mb

The fawn, a symbol of gentleness and innocence, is now available by SilverKey 3d. This original mesh contains less than 14,000 polygons, making it optimal to render herds, or render along with your human figures that contain high poly counts. Add this baby woodland creature to your forest renders to add an interesting touch of wildlife to your landscapes, or to give your human figures a new friend. There are 10 free poses included to get your pose library started, and the texture is included with your purchase.


* Figure
o Fawn obj
o Fawn cr2
o Fawn rsr
* FawnTexture
* 10 PosesPoses: SKFawnPose
* Daz Mimic Ready
* Morphs Include:
o Blink Right
o Blink Left
o Tongue Side
o Tongue UpDown
o Tongue Curl
o Tongue Out
o Smile
o SmileOpen
o Smile Right
o Frown
o SnarlRight
o SnarlLeft
o LipsPucker
o PartLips
o MouthSpeak
o OpenMouth
o Mouth Wide
o Mouth F
o Mouth M
o Mouth O
o Mouth CH
o Mouth TH
o Tongue L
o Tongue T

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