Yue, Asian Beauty for V4

Posted By: Alexpal
Yue, Asian Beauty for V4

Yue, Asian Beauty for V4 | 12 Mb

Introducing Yue for Victoria 4! Yue is a sweet young woman from Hong Kong, only recently arrived. Featuring lovely and painstakingly created custom morphs, Yue's features are truly, honestly Asian. She uses custom morphs, as well as the DAZ3D morphs to create a face that is truly one of a kind. When sculpting Yue's features, realism was the key, and a great deal of time went into making sure each feature was balanced and, more importantly, ethnically appropriate.

She comes with base texture morphs and transmapped eyebrows, so they can be changed easily and without complicated shader nodes. Yue uses default V4 body morphs to achieve a toned and slender shape that looks good in any sort of clothing.

Suitable for realistic or fantasy renders, Yue is easily the beautiful sorceress, the damsel in distress or the warrior queen on the trail of revenge.


1 Injection Pose
1 Zeroing Pose
1 MAT Pose

1 Head Map (3000x3000)
1 Body Map (4000x4000)
1 Limb Map (4000x4000)
1 Eye Map (800 x 800)
1 Lash Map (1024x1024)
1 Brow Map (3000x3000)
1 Gum Map (1500x1500)