Alex Ross Art - SuperHeroes Wallpapers

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Alex Ross Art  - SuperHeroes Wallpapers
Alex Ross Art - SuperHeroes Wallpapers
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Nelson Alexander "Alex" Ross (born January 22, 1970) is an American comic book painter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work. Ross is known for his love of the vintage looks of classic characters and the more mythic elements of the superheroes.

In the past ten years, Ross has done much work for the industry’s two largest and most historically important publishing houses Marvel and DC Comics, but Ross is also the co-creator of Astro City, an original series that explores superhero mythology.

Although he is a prominent figure for both DC and Marvel, he is better known as a DC artist, as much of his best work (such as Kingdom Come) was created for DC. Due to the time and effort required to render his complex paintings, he is often hired to draw covers rather than interiors.