Posted By: Jackson
Alphabets Inc was founded in 1986 by Peter Fraterdeus, a renowned type designer as well as a student of typography. Exclusive fonts from Alphabets Inc include Alexia, Alpha Kid, Antique Condon, Barrel, B Uncial, Box G, Bouwsma Script, Chaotiqua, Chevron, Dino Heavy, Egyptian, F Spoken, French XXX Condensed, Fusion, Half, Juliana, Neptune, Oz Brush, Oz Poster, Paint, ParmaPetit, Parsons, Prospera II, Quanta, Quasimodo, Russell Oblique, Toskana, Tuscan, Venezia and Weissenau. The collection includes many faces by Philip Bouwsma. Peter Fraterdeau himself created the interesting AI Quanta multiple master font in 1994.

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