Aridi. Vol.24 - Calligraphia II

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Еще один векторный клипарт от Aridi в добавление к тем, что уже выкладывались.

Countless hours are vested in identifying the most interesting, historically-influenced graphical impressions translated on each Aridi art collection. Master designer, Marwan Aridi, has taken the time to perfect the recreation of this ancient art form in digital format with precise attention to detail. This is why Aridi has become known around the world as the finest producer of historically accurate digital art. The reason for this recognition quickly becomes evident once you place an image in your drawing program.
Every image Aridi presents is available in both full-process color and black and white (except Volume 8).
Since all the images are supplied in EPS format, any modification or color changes cam be easily done using a compatible illustration or graphics application.

Aridi. Vol.24 - Calligraphia II

Aridi. Vol.24 - Calligraphia II | 8,11 Mb | EPS
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A unique collection of fine-line swirls and scrollwork of calligraphic ornaments, flourishes and frames. More than 150 dazzling designs all hand-drawn and available in vector EPS format for both Mac and PC.

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