Beautiful Chinese Fonts for Windows, Part 1

Posted By: vidra
Beautiful Chinese Fonts for Windows, Part 1

82 Beautiful Chinese Fonts for Windows
Windows | TTF | with sample | ~189 MB

I have purchased this CD with 94 beautiful TTF fonts in China. 12 fonts do not display on non-Chinese Windows, but the remaining 82 are beautiful and variegated enough for a perfect pleasure. (Nevertheless, I have also included those 12, just in case.)

Almost all scripts come both in traditional (繁体字) and simplified (简体字) version.

A full sample in GIF, presenting all the 82 fonts, can be downloaded below (with 28p character size). At the right side of each script sample I have included the file name (HDZB1 etc.) and the screen name of the font (in Chinese, as it is displayed). If you have no rapidshare account then begin the download with this file, as it is only 200 KB.

If there are enough people interested, then more Chinese font sets will come.

Happy New Year - 新年好!


Download the fonts: