Combi Font Package

Posted By: LazyVampire
Combi Font Package

Set OF 10. In both Truetype and TypeOne 1.63MB

CombiNumerals Pro is the ultimate utility font for CD and DVD labeling,
web graphics, desktop publishing, instructional design, maps, signs,
surveys and more.

CombiSymbols is a collection of symbols and dingbats especially useful
to people creating computer or software documentation (especially for Mac OS
and Windows as it contains several industry and technology-specific icons and
symbols), web graphics, packaging, etc.

CombiSymbols CD is a complete collection of Compact Disc logos from the
Phillips “color” books, plus many other useful symbols and logos. This font is
perfect for people creating artwork for CDs, liner notes and packaging. Several
logos are provided for the recording industry as well as the software industry.

CombiSymbols DV is a complete collection of DVD logos, surround sound
logos, “sound mode” icons, plus many other useful symbols. Perfect for people
creating artwork, labels or packaging for DVDs and related items.