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d'artiste: Character Modeling [Step-by-step techniques] | PDF | 191 Pages
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d'artiste: Character Modeling is the definitive 3D character tutorial book showcasing the astonishing work and technical skills of leading artists Pascal Blanché, Francisco A. Cortina and Steven Stahlberg. Each master artist presents their character modeling techniques through a series of step-by-step tutorials from concept to creation.

d'artiste: Character Modeling is presented in sections based around each master artist. Artist sections include a personal gallery, the artist's work and thoughts in their own words, more than 24-pages of tutorials each, and an invited artist gallery featuring 94 character modeling creations from some of the most talented 3D character artists in the world.

Step-by-step techniques
d’artiste: Character Modeling features step-by-step techniques including:
Modeling a Young Girl’s Face
Modeling a Figurative Pose
Modeling Hair
Face Modeling
Skin Shading
Telling a Story
Creature Modeling
Anatomy Study Modeling

d’artiste: Character Modeling showcases the techniques of each artist working in their native software environments while challenging readers to apply these techniques to any software environment of choice. d’artiste: Character Modeling is the perfect tome of tutorial information and inspiration that will be advantageous to students and professional 3D character artists alike.

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