deviantART Photoshop Brushes

Posted By: maxand
deviantART Photoshop Brushes

There have been many posts recently of various collections of brushes for Photoshop. The download files are usually small and therefore a nuisance since there are are so many different ones. Nearly all of them can be found at and are FREE to download without having to mess around with tricky web hosting sites such as RapidS**t, DepositFiles, etc., etc.

To prove this, go to the deviantArt site, click the Browse button at the top left hand corner, then you will see a Categories button appear further down near the left margin. Click this and go to Resources > Application Resources > Photoshop Brushes.

Or else, search AvaxHome for "brushes" or "Photoshop brushes" and match some of posts using deviantArt's search engine, e.g., search for "Floral brushes" or "Rain brushes" or "Fractal brushes" or whatever and you will be surprised how many you recognize.

In addition, there are many fine tutorials and lots of extra stuff on this huge site. Register a FREE membership and then you will be able to browse without any ads as well as enjoy other benefits if you want to become a graphic artist.

I don't wish to deprive the Avax members who have already posted a lot of this stuff of their RS points (even though in the deviantArt FAQ it says not to redistribute any of these materials!), simply to make it easier for those of us who want to acquire a collection of great brushes and other tools to go directly to the source.