Glazz Sony Ericsson Theme

Posted By: AFerrum
Glazz Sony Ericsson Theme

Glazz Sony Ericsson Theme | RAR 1,1 MB

Another SE Phone theme, this time it's got a bit more color, but obviously still has a lot of glossy bits. The Vista influence can probably be seen too, unsurprisingly. If anyone wants a minor customization, or has some suggestions, they'd be appreciated.

Included Files
Glazz 176x220 ThemeV41.thm: W550, W600, W810, Z550, Z558.
Glazz 176x220 ThemeV45.thm: K550, K610, Z610, Z710, W610, W660, W710.
Glazz 240x320 ThemeV45.thm: K790, K800, K810, S500, W580, W830, W850.
Glazz 176x220 ThemeV40.thm: K600, K750, W700, W800
Glazz 128x128 ThemeV30.thm: K300, J300.


Glazz Sony Ericsson Theme
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