Head Modeling Tutorial

Posted By: Albert Fedotov
Head Modeling Tutorial

Head Modeling Tutorial
by Chris Rogers | AVI | 80 Mb

This tutorial shows how to model a human head using subdivision surfaces in 3ds Max 6 and higher. The tutorial is about one hour long. Chris provides audio commentary to walk users through undesrtanding the steps required to model a human head. This tutorial may be a little hard to follow for the beginner, so Chris recommend if you are not comfortable with 3dsMax, then you first learn the basics.

The script files that used in the tutorial are included in the RAR-file.
You will have to adjust the values in the script and rename the objects to match your image plane names. To get them to work in max, just copy the text from the files, and then paste them into a new script window. (F11 to open the listener, then file/new) Then from there hilight the text, then drag and drop it onto the toolbar where you want the button to be.

Rapidshare Link:

~80 Mb