Huge collection of TrueType and OpenType fonts

Posted By: vasok
I'm presenting you a huge collection of finely crafted, very good-quality fonts in an assortment you would never dreamed of ;-)
All the fonts went from a number of most known type foundries - Linotype, Monotype, Adobe Fonts and others.
Hope you will enjoy them as I do ;-) There are decorative fonts, symbol fonts, official fonts, and so much other…

There are thousand of fonts!!!

Fonts are split into 8 archives. Archives are independent, e.g. you dont need to have all archives to view contents of one. Content of each archive is distinct.

Downloads from Rapidshare:

Part 1 (70Mb)
Part 2 (71Mb)
Part 3 (70Mb)
Part 4 (64Mb)
Part 5 (67Mb)
Part 6 (73Mb)
Part 7 (97Mb)
Part 8 (90Mb)