Jimi Hendrix Note For Note

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Jimi Hendrix Note For Note - A Guide To Jimi's Finest Guitar Work
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Richard Daniels - Author
When I first got permission to proceed with the Hendrix book from Jimi's estate, I was thrilled by the prospect of working directly with Jimi's classic original recordings. Everybody is familiar with the legendary world of Jimi's fantastic public image, and the tremendous esteem in which he is held by musicians around the world, but I saw my chance to write a book dissecting his music to be an opportunity to delve into a private world never before explored. This book was the first of its kind, and I am very proud of the fact that I was there to bring the first exact note-for-note transcriptions of Jimi's music to a very hungry audience.

The very first minute I sat down to actually figure out Purple Haze I realized I was already submerged a very rarefied realm where I was no longer struggling with theory. My job was to interpret raw expression on the instrument by a master. I was already familiar with the boxes, but what I witnessed was the immediate transcendence of a student's perception. I was instantly transported into the world of relating a finished vision. As I worked to create each song's transcription, I knew that the student would also have an identical recording of Jimi's guitarwork on their desktop along side the book. This changed everything as far as my approach to teaching: the focus was now on the nuance of a prerecorded style. I could sense that I was using the same recordings that Jimi made famous in a brand new way. Privately making the book in my studio, I was the first party to realize that the cold transcriptions would serve as a sort of sterile compression, until they were opened at a future point in the student's world. Once "decompressed" the transcriptions would also be afforded the same specialized view into Jimi's world.

Accolades of praise could finally be set aside, and the real inside study of how Jimi used common scales could finally begin. It became obvious that I was involved in a very conscious study of a freely improvised "unconscious" application of style. Let me tell you, there were times when I sat there next to my Sony reel-to-reel and just stopped cold in wonderment at what I figured out. The veils had parted: I could see directly into his style. For a while, I knew that I was the only guy in the world that was officially sanctioned to translate Jimi's guitarwork. Just me, my earphones, and passing tones from a vision which evaporated years ago. Just me and Jimi.

What you can't tell from the cover is that the book also has an intense biography (I have a letter of congratulation from Noel Redding), a lead guitar primer, notes on how I transcribed the leadwork, notes on each song's key and chord sequence, and plenty of great artwork reflecting Jimi's unique world.

2 - Introduction
3 - Jimi's Life
8 - His Albums
11 - Transcribing Jimi's Music
14 - Lead Guitar Primer
19 - Jimi's Songs Note for Note
20 - Foxy Lady
23 - Purple Haze
26 - The Winds Cries Mary
29 - Hey Joe
32 - Fire
35 - Bold As Love
38 - Little Wing
41 - All Along The Watchtower
45 - Little Miss Lover
48 - VooDoo Child (Slight Return
53 - Ezy Ryder
57 - Red House
60 - Further Into Jimi's Style


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