Jonny Quest: The Curse of Anubis (cartoon)

Posted By: biory

Ahmed, an unscrupulous chieftain, plans to unite the warring factions of his native Ahab country and become the leader of the new nation. Capitalizing on Dr. Quest's archaeological interests, Ahmed lures him to Egypt with Race, Jonny, Hadji and Bandit. Ahmed defies the gods of his people by stealing the statue of Anubis and taking it to the Ghivan ruins. Officials start a full-scale investigation on discovering the statue's theft. In the interest of archaeological research, Ahmed gets Benton and company to go to the ruins of Ghiva. There he traps Quest and Race in a catacomb of the ruins and tells them that when they are found, dead or alive, the fact that foreigners have planned the theft of an ancient treasure will unite all his people and he will be the leader. However, Jonny and Hadji manage to elude the callous chieftain's tribesmen. With the air supply in the catacomb dwindling rapidly, Quest and Race realize they have but a short time to live...until Jonny and Hadji find a secret passage to them and they are freed as the Mummy of Anubis finishes Ahmed and his plans.

Video: 23 minutes