Marlin Studios Seamless Textures 9 - Fabulous Fabrics

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This is another “must-have” for your graphics artist toolbox, featuring a substantial variety of fabric textures. Only the highest quality photographic equipment was used to create the this library and a great deal of time was spent in post-processing. Each texture is “hand-sewn” together to create the seamless effect – no algorithmic texture programs were used in this work.

Typical textures in the library include solids, plaids, stripes, weaves and many others suitable for anything from interior visualizations to CGI/Poser character clothing. The texture library is particularly useful for both 3D and 2D artists involved in graphics work and print applications, The textures can be used on all major platforms: PC, Mac, Alpha, and Amiga.

The Numbers
 320 textures in high-quality JPG format, all seamlessly tileable
 10 Logical texture categories
 3 sizes per texture: Large (2048x2048), Medium, (1024x1024) and Small (512x512)

 All textures hand created, using high-resolution photos as input
 Thumbnail browser makes it easy finding textures
 All textures tested for functionality in graphics programs
 Convenient maximum-quality, 24-bit JPG format for lower file sizes and use on virtually all platforms
 Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images

 General-purpose 2D and 3D computer art and animation
 Architectural renderings
 Clothing for Poser and CGI characters
 2D and 3D computer games
 Web content development
 Film industry CGI
 2D Print Media Applications
 Video/TV Productions
 Engineering/product design and visualizations
 Legal animations and renderings

System Requirements
 Any PC supporting computer graphics
 CD Player
 PC-Windows/Mac/Amiga/DEC/Unix platform

JPG - Large (2048x2048), Medium, (1024x1024) and Small (512x512)

RAR (20 part) | 670 Mb | JPG | 320 Textures | Rapidshare

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