National Geographic Maps Complete Collection - 8 CD ISO

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National Geographic Maps Complete Collection - 8 CD ISO
OS: Windows | CD ROM - 8 CDs | 5.06 GB

Travel around the globe and through time with this exceptional all-inclusive collection of historic maps. Contains every fold-out map from 1888 to December 2000. The CD-ROM format lets you browse through over 500 maps, take guided tours, and print out. Also features audio enhancements as well as advanced search options. A timeless topographic compilation that allows you to fully explore the magnificence of our ever-changing world.
The Complete Collection, over 500 maps with zoom, search, printing facility with audio, video and full photo. More than a century of National Geographic maps. Take a wondrous journey around some of the Worlds most incredible locations. Explore the world around you at the touch of a button. Whether your interest lies in culture, history or the environment, interactive time lines trace key events and provide fascinating stories about the people and places behind this very exceptional and stunning collection of maps.

First class search engine - search simply by keywords, geographic location or by theme. Advanced mapping technology to view, pan and zoom for a global or a close up view. The maps can easily be pasted into your documents or printed in either black & white or vivid colour. Interesting facts on animals, plant life, the environment, politics, history, the ocean and space. Guided thematic tours - explore a range of topics and thrilling stories including - People of the Past, War in the 20th Century, Our Changing Earth, Space and Our Threatened Environment

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