New Spring Comics

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New Spring Comics

New Spring Comics

Episodes 1-5
Authors: Robert Jordan and Chuck Dixon
Publisher: Red Eagle Publishing / Dabel Brothers, Inc.
Issue #1: July 14, 2005
Cover Art: Andrea Di Vito
Penciler(s): Mike S. Miller and Andrea Di Vito
Inker(s): Mike Crowell

Produced in partnership with comic book studio Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro), New Spring tells of a time when wars rage and dark forces threaten the survival of mankind. In the midst of this chaos and uncertainty, an infant is born who is prophesied to change the world. Thus begins the story of Moiraine, a young woman with special powers, and Lan, a courageous warrior of royal blood, and their desperate journey to seek out and save the child so that he might fulfill his destiny and save the world.

“Fifteen years after publication of the first volume of The Wheel of Time cycle,” said Robert Jordan, “I’m excited to put New Spring, part of the backstory, into the visual medium of comic books and graphic novels, providing readers of the cycle with new insights into the major characters, settings and plotlines of The Wheel of Time. There are things in New Spring that will never be told in the main sequence novels.”

“We are taking Robert Jordan’s masterwork to an entirely new level,” said Rick Selvage, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Red Eagle Entertainment. “The quality of the artwork and storyline have greatly benefited from Jordan’s close, personal involvement in the development of the comic series.” “We expect the New Spring comic series will expand the reach of Jordan’s work to new fans throughout the world, said Larry Mondragon, Executive Vice President of Red Eagle Entertainment.