Mark's Advanced Photoshop CS FX

Posted By: Fredzz
Mark brings back some of his hottest techniques featured on one of his first training CD’s (5.5 F/X on the Right). Now they are back but this time in full motion video and updated for Photoshop CS. In addition to these techniques, Mark has packed on 5 more hours of training videos. You'll create effects you've never seen before

ver 7 Hours of QuickTime Videos. Easy to use interface for working side-by-side with Photoshop. Videos viewable in 2 sizes: 1024x768 or 800x600.

20 of the most Advanced Original Concepts.
All these effects are original and cannot be found in any book or website. Mark innovates his own techniques and graphics.

Product Details
- 20 QuickTime Videos on Killer Effects.
- Access to Private Website for Download.
- Over 7 Hours of Advanced Training.

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