Point to Point Clone [Lightwave Plugin]

Posted By: malignanttumor

Point to Point Clone [Lightwave Plugin]
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Name: Point To Point Clone
Version: 1.0
Type: LS
Compatibility: Lightwave 7.x+


This simple set of script copies one layer to another using the "from" and "to"
coordinates marked by points.


Keep the geometry that you want to copy to one or more new locations in a separate layer.
Select a point on that geometry that will be your "from" coordinate and run the
"Point To Point Set" script. It will store the layer ID and the point coordinate.

Go to the layer where you want the geomety to be copied and select one or more points
that will be your "to" coordinate(s). Run the "Point To Point Clone" script.

NOTE: You can run the "Clone" script as many times as you need without running the
"Set" script every time. You need to run the "Set" script only when you want to set a
different "from" coordinate or when you change the layer containing the geometry to be copied.


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