QuarkEd training files

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QuarkEd training files
Requires QuarkXPress 7
QuarkEd training files

Whether you are a new QuarkXPress® user or an old pro, QuarkEd™ offers insight and instruction in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method. QuarkEd training covers all the major features in QuarkXPress 7. Modules are composed of individual lessons that include instruction about both the basics of a feature and its more complex uses. Choose only the features that are of interest to you and learn at your own pace.

QuarkXPress basics
If you are a beginner, use this module to get up and running with QuarkXPress.

Advanced layout construction
Learn to use the new palette sets feature in QuarkXPress 7 and the advanced layout construction features that have been in QuarkXPress from the beginning.

Text and Typography
Everyone concerned with typography can use this module to learn about the essential text features in QuarkXPress. This module also covers special characters, OpenType features, the new Glyphs palette, and methods for streamlining a text-centered workflow.

Page Elements
Learn how to work with items on a page including boxes and text paths.

Books, lists, and indexes
Complete this module to learn about the long-document features of QuarkXPress including books, lists, and indexes.

Transparency and drop shadows
Discover how transparency and drop shadows work in QuarkXPress 7.

Color Management
Find out how easy it is to use the color management features in QuarkXPress 7.

Advanced Pictures
This module introduces you to clipping paths, alpha channels (new in QuarkXPress 7), QuarkVista™ technology, and PSD Import.

PDF Output
Use the PDF export features and generate PDF files from within QuarkXPress. You'll also learn about the usefulness of PDF/X standards.

Web layouts
Learn to make a great Web page with QuarkXPress. This module includes instructions about using hyperlinks, image maps, menus, forms, rollovers, Macromedia® Flash® content, and more.

Shared Content—synchronization
Learn about the possibilities available to you with synchronization and discover how you can use synchronization features. This module covers the concept of multiple-layout projects, including information about sharing style sheets and other items between layouts and using multiple views and new windows. This module also covers the Shared Content palette (formerly the Synchronized Text palette) and new options for sharing pictures, formatting, and box attributes.

Composition Zones™ technology
This module introduces you to planning, creating, and sharing Composition Zones.

Job Jackets™ technology
Learn to create, manage, and use Job Jackets.

DL: 66MB
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