Strega Nona (Video-book)

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A Kid's Review
Strega Nona,is a nice book with a funny story and at the same time it teaches you a lesson."It all stared when the witch of town needed a helper. She met a boy that wanted to be her helper.Every day, Strega Nona told him to never touch the pasta pot.The boy notice Strega Nona used a magic spell on a magic pot to make pasta for dinner. He heard the spell and memorised it, but he didn't saw her blowing three kisses to make the magic pot stop making pasta.When Strega Nona had to go away for a couple of days, the boy decided to make pasta in the magic pot for every body in town. Everybody went with plates and forks to eat the pasta. when everybody had pasta , the boy told the spell to make the magic pot stop making pasta. But, he didint blew the three kisses.The magic pot didnt stop making pasta. More and more pasta was made, it was so big that it was about to crush the whole town.Luckily Nona gets to town say the spell and blew three kisses and made the magic pot stop making pasta.since the boy caused the trouble, he had to eat all the pasta." The boy didn't listen when Nona told him not touch the magic pot, but he did and there was trouble and consiquence.I learned that you should always listen.

Video-book: 8 minutes


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