America’s Best Home Workshops 2012 (Wood Special Interest Publication)

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America’s Best Home Workshops 2012 (Wood Special Interest Publication)

America’s Best Home Workshops 2012 (Wood Special Interest Publication)
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From the outside, Phil Bumbalough’s pole-barn shop stands large and proud. But the many smaller things on the inside make it run like clockwork.

Man with a plan

Before a shovel hit the dirt, Larry Ciesla planned his shop very carefully for an entire year; then he took another full year to build it. The result is just what he wanted.

Idea shop
If this Virginia basement shop looks more than a little familiar, there’s a perfectly good reason why: The shop owner based its design and contents almost entirely on plans and ideas from WOOD® magazine.

The non-yankee workshop
Stan Crenshaw’s shop may be based in the Deep South, but his love of woodworking and many of his shop projects have some definite Yankee roots.

Modest, but mighty
There’s not a lot of space and not a lot of money invested in tools, but Keith Schwartztrauber’s Las Vegas shop features innovative fixtures that pack a lot of woodworking punch into a small area.

Buddy builders

For this New York shop, step one was to modify a purchased set of plans for a large, but simple, garden shed. Step two was more important: Enlist friends and family to help make the dream happen.

Project gallery
Great ides for organization can come from anywhere. For proof, just check out these clever and efficient projects from shops all over North America.

Moving on up
From a cramped basement workshop to a roomy space on the second floor of his home’s newly constructed garage, this Pennsylvania woodworker has come a long way in only a few years…literally, “from the ground up.”

Peyton place

With garden tools, lawn chairs, and bicycles stored elsewhere, this well-organized garage dedicated exclusively to woodworking is the perfect shop space.

Shop Tyme
Starting life as a bait shop in the 1930s, Tyme’s California shop has evolved into a showplace that combines state-of-the-art equipment with a keen focus on health and safety.

Total garage makeover
To call Ed Walker an avid reader of woodworking publications would be an understatement. The Texan creatively adapted nearly everything in his shop from book and magazine plans.

Riding the rails
All shops have a good supply of boards, but the phrase “All aboard!” just might be more appropriate for this Southern California shop.

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