Cool Trans June 2009

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Cool Trans June 2009

Cool Trans June 2009
JPG | 248 pages | Japanese | 108 MB

Japanese: クールトランス
field: apparel
style: street
market: men, 10s, 20s
region: Japan
frequency: monthly

Street fashion magazine for young men in their teens

Cool trans features street snaps and lots of articles on celebrities, interesting goods, the latest trends as well as advice on how to dress for a particular situation, like the beach or for marine sports.

Cool trans focuses on styles like skaters, LA basic and surfers. It covers general topics like sports and music in addition to fashion and street culture, making it close to a lifestyle magazine.

Cool trans readers are mostly between 18 and 23 years old. It has a circulation of 250,000.

Published by Wanibooks which also publishes Uptoboy, Wink up, +act, KOREA +act, Comic Gum, BEST SHOT and Comic Yoshimoto as well as a huge range of so-called “picture gravure” books, featuring nude and semi-nude shots of models.