Tinkle - September 24, 2018

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Tinkle - September 24, 2018

Tinkle - September 24, 2018
English | 61 pages | True PDF | 25.9 MB

What’s Special?
Time to celebrate 700 issues of Tinkle with a bumper special loaded with fun and adventure!
• Beloved writer Ruskin Bond guest stars in this special Tinkle issue. Read the super exclusive It Happened to Me comic featuring a fun story from his childhood.
• A mysterious scroll is doing the rounds of Tinkle Town. Who could have sent it? And what does it mean? Uncover the Mystery of the 700.
• Magical Queen Bee the 700th has a job for Shikari Shambu. Will cowardly Shambu take it up? You’d Better ‘Bee’lieve It!
• A brand new threat is looming over Earth… at least that’s what the Defective Detectives believe. Help them break Code 700!
• Join WingStar in fighting deadly monsters in An Even Seven.
• Travel back in time with the super special Tinkle Time Machine board game.
• In this 700th issue, Agent 707 and Agent 777 are dishing out juicy Tinkle Scoops right from the Tinkle office.
• Dive into colourful Tinkle Memories to know little known Tinkle facts.
• Is your stack of Tinkles rising? With this easy Do-It-Yourself: A Tinkle-y Holder store all your Tinkle issues in style!
• This World Tourism Day, Wai Knot is turning into a Tour Operator. How will a walk around Bengaluru go for him?
• Celebrate World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace by solving some exciting puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brain.
• Unleash your inner artist and writer in the exciting Tinkle GagStar Contest! Prizes worth Rs.25,000 to be won!

Also Starring:
Tickle your funny bone with the hilarious Fun-A-Thon. Help Nadia get away from annoying, fellow student Thangam in PuzzBuzz: Garden Escape. With this simple Fun Recipe turn a regular old banana into a delicious Banana Smoothie! Join chubby cat Bubbles as she tries to escape her diet plan in Bubbles on the Run. And help Pyarelal build a home for his friend’s pigs in PuzzBuzz: Pigs in a Pen.

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